Notarial deeds – Real Estate

Translation & editing into French<>English

When buying a property in France, English-speaking buyers or vendors are advised to call on the legal expertise of a sworn translator, an expert from a court of appeal, in order to better understand the advice of their Notaire.

My French Translation specializes into legal translation and meets the needs of notarial offices, real estate agencies or private individuals selling or buying real estate. Each translation is carried out by a bilingual lawyer, sworn translator, expert at a French Court of Appeal. We have earned an excellent reputation among French Notaires, British solicitors, and other European entities.

We provide the expertise of translation services to a considerable number of customers in the acquisition and sale of real estate or for assistance with estate inheritance files (powers of attorney, deeds of probate, wills, etc.). The legal scope of our translations covers the entire French territory. The daily working relationship that we have with French Notaires makes it perfectly at ease with the legal routine related to the acquisition or sale of a property or the settlement of an estate, acting as a link between the Notaire’s office, the solicitor and the private customer.